Fordyce Spot Repair Treatment Cream - by Natural Dermatology

Fordyce Spots, also known as Sebaceous Prominence, and Pearly White Papules, is a skin condition that affects a large percentage of the population. For those suffering from Fordyce spots, the condition can affect the areas around the eyes, the lips, and genitalia. It is described as small pink or white bumps formed on the skin stemming from hair follicles and sebaceous (oil) glands. For many men, these bumps can form on the areas on or around the genitals, and can be quite embarrassing, taking a toll on self esteem. People all over the world have a similar condition on their lips, which are present but less noticeable. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Fordyce Spots and it is a normal genetic occurrence. There are medical and surgical procedures that attempt to reduce or eliminate Fordyce, and some people have had some success with these procedures, but they are very costly and can leave damage and scarring with long recovery times. The most effective approach to treatment has been proven with retinol, a form of natural Vitamin A. Retinol used in the correct proportion along with beneficial delivery agents such as organic coconut oil and jojoba oil have had the best results in clinical trials for both lips and private areas.

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